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Energst: Battery Storage Report October 2017

BEIS/Ofgem Call for Evidence: 

A Smart, Flexible Energy System November 2016

Case Studies by Garrad Hassan:  

Electricity Storage Comparative Case Studies November 2016

Imperial College, Carbon Trust: 

Electricity System Flexibility for Great Britain November 2016

Policy Exchange: 

Building a Smarter, Greener, Cheaper Electricity System November 2016

National Infrastructure Commission:  Smart Power March 2016

European Association for Storage of Energy: 

Energy Storage Technologies Roadmap (DRAFT) February 2017

The Low Carbon Innovation Co-ordination Group published a “Strategic Framework” in February 2014 which contains estimates for the potential value and deployment of storage.

The European Commissions Joint Research Centre has published studies of other countries, such as USA and Germany in the paper “Assessing Storage Value in Electricity Markets”.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2014: Government must recognize that energy storage cannot be incentivised by conventional market mechanisms

The International Energy Agency report 2014.

HM Government 2013: Statement on 8 great technologies

The joint EASE / EERA “roadmap for European energy storage technology, 2013 reiterates the common view that the value of energy storage can only be grasped if one considers its systemic nature. This ducument includes analysis of the EU’s SETIS roadmap.

 Imperial College prepared for a report for the Carbon Trust in 2012 “Strategic Assessment of the Role and Value of Energy Storage Systems in the UK", Low Carbon Energy Future which explores many scenarios for storage between 2020 and 2050.

The Centre for Low Carbon Futures, 2012 recommended “examining reforms to the current regulatory and market structures that can address market failures and investigating whether any more targeted forms of support would be justified to remove barriers to the deployment of both electricity and heat storage”.

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency 2012 produced a “Strategic Roadmap for Energy Storage Systems” setting out the national and international context and challenges.

The International Electrotechnical Commission 2011: “Electrical Energy Storage, White Paper, IEC 2011 pp79,80”

The UK’s Energy Research Partnership, 2011 recommended that “Electricity Market Reform and regulatory approaches must recognize the potential benefits of increased energy storage explicitly”.

Low Carbon Innovation Co-ordination Group report

Centre for Low Carbon Futures : Pathways to energy storage in the UK: report published 27 March 2012

Energy Research Partnership; The future of Energy Storage in the UK: report published 30 June 2011

2020 Strategic analysis of energy storage in California: Published by the Californai Energy Commission November 2011

Energy Storage Systems Cost Update: Sandia National Laboratories Report published October 2011

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