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Monday 11 September 2017




Up grading our energy system Seemat Yusaf BEIS Not available 
Energy storage products: sourcing and   recycling of materials Peter Stevenson GS Yuasa  ESNw8trans.png
Batteries directive Ian Atkinson DEFRA  ESNiph.png
 Why is the fit and forget option wrong? Aazzum Yassir S&C Electric  ESNiph.png 
An assessment of parameters to measure the sustainability of energy storage, the LAES approach Fernando Morales Highview Power ESNiph.png 
Solutions and innovations on the electricity networks - storage Ian Cameron UK Power Networks  ESNw8trans.png
Gridshare - managing the world's batteries Simon   Daniel Moixa 



What innovation is needed from the perspective of a utility scale energy storage provider Marek Kubik AES Energy Storage   ESNw8trans.png
Smart energy innovation Sally Fenton BEIS   ESNw8trans.png
 RIIO mechanisms Neil Copeland  Ofgem   ESNw8trans.png



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