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The UNITED KINGDOM needs at least an additional
2000MW of Electricity Storage by 2020


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Electricity storage is essential to the delivery of a secure, reliable and sustainable electricity network, strong enough to meet rising demand.

Investing in electricity storage now will provide a more efficient, resilient and flexible electricity grid. 

Recent News and  Activities

Electricity Storage Network Annual Meeting 

Innovation - Demonstration - Implementation

An open symposium on developing electricity storage in the UK

28th January 2015
One Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA

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Electricity Storage Network Consultation

The UK is behind many other countries in its adoption of modern electricity storage. This consultation document demonstrates the need for electricity storage in the UK and how it can form a valuable part of our national electrical infrastructure.

We have identified a number of key actions that will enhance the introduction of electricity storage into our networks. Our intention is to select a specific recommendation, from these proposals, that could be given to the relevant Government bodies and regulatory agencies.

We welcome any feedback or discussion about these proposals!

Please respond by the 14th January 2015

To download the consultation document: Electricity Storage Network Consultation Document 2014 

To respond to the consultation document:

Development of Electricity Storage in the National Interest Report 2014

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