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The 2017 Electricity Storage Network Annual Symposium will be the ninth in a successful series. The symposium is well attended by industry experts from UK and Europe, policy makers (Government and the Regulator), and users of electricity storage, including National Grid and Distribution Network Operators. For further details and to register:

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If you would like to sponsor the Electricity Storage Annual Symposium, take a look at our Electricity Storage Annual Symposium 2017 – Sponsorship Brochure:  

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To discuss sponsorship opportunities or to tailor a package to your needs contact Aud: Tel: 01666 840948 or

 Electricity Storage Network on TWITTER @ESN_UK 



Storage Co-location with Intermittent Renewable Generation

Electricity Storage Network

The Electricity Storage Network is the only UK group dedicated to electricity storage and has been providing a credible and influential industry voice since 2008.

The Electricity Storage Network is associated with the European Association for the Storage of Energy (EASE) and the Energy Storage Association (ESA) providing a broad base to understand USA and European markets and policies.

Electricity Storage Use Cases

We are developing a number of Use Cases for electricity storage with help from members and other stakeholders.  Please click HERE to access the first draft Use Case for Domestic Behind-the-Meter storage.

Our definition for Electricity Storage

Electricity Storage Network has an agreed definition for electricity storage:

Electricity Storage” in the electricity system is the conversion of electrical energy into a form of energy which can be stored, the storing of that energy, and the subsequent reconversion of that energy back into electrical energy.

Electricity Storage Facility” in the electricity system means a facility where Electricity Storage occurs.

This is published in the BEIS / OFGEM call for evidence on page 34, paragraph 32.  The definition used in the capacity market, page 34 paragraph 31 is not appropriate as it includes the term "generating unit". 


Any definition should not include terms that refer to other asset classes or licensed activities, such as supply or generation (or demand).

The definition in the current DECC Consultation: Consultation on amending the CfD contract and regulations (page 21, section 47) is not appropriate as it also includes "generating unit".


UK Power Networks Smarter Network Storage: 6 MW Li-ion battery at Leighton Buzzard.

Regulating Electricity Storage

A major focus of the Electricity Storage Network's activities over the next 12 months will be supporting DECC and Ofgem with the "Call for Evidence" that will cover electricity storage.

Questions that need answering are:

  • Should electricity storage be classed as generation or storage?
  • Does electricity storage need to licensed?
  • How should electricity storage be defined?

In addition to activities in the UK we are working in Europe, through the European Association for the Storage of Energy, and the Commission are busily assessing their approach to storage.

Electricity storage is essential to the delivery of a secure, reliable and sustainable electricity network, strong enough to meet rising demand.

Investing in electricity storage now will provide a more efficient, resilient and flexible electricity grid. 

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